Statutes agreed by IAOS in General Assembly in Sydney April 2005

Statute of SCORUS

– Standing Committee on Regional and Urban Statistics –

 § 1

Goals and institutional background

(1) SCORUS, a platform to facilitate the development of urban and regional statistics and research, is an organisation under the umbrella of the International Association for Official Statistics – IAOS – within the International Statistical Institute -ISI.

(2) SCORUS’ mission is to stimulate and organise a worldwide dialogue on urban and regional research and statistics and to promote in depth statistical analyses with the aim to contribute to progress in this field and to improve the understanding of urban and regional phenomena as well as the comparability of concepts and results. SCORUS aims to enhance the knowledge created for urban and regional policy.

(3) In order to provide a platform for worldwide dialogue and to exchange on a large scale the knowledge on indicators, methods and results of regional and urban statistics, SCORUS

  • organises conferences(the biannual conference, regional conferences and thematic conferences), on regional and urban research and statistics as well as sessions at ISI and IAOS conferences

  • provides an internet platform for the continuous exchange of knowledge and of ideas and for developing consensus positions on relevant issues,

  • actively tries to enlarge the participation of users (researchers, policy makers, consultants) and producers (at municipal, regional, national and international level) of regional and urban statistics in this worldwide exchange of experience and ideas,

  • promotes the exchange and co-operation on topics of common interest within Regional SCORUS groups.

§ 2

The SCORUS Management

(1) SCORUS is managed by the SCORUS Management. The SCORUS Management is comprised of

  • the SCORUS Chairperson

  • the SCORUS Vice Chairperson

  • the SCORUS Secretary

  • the SCORUS Treasurer

  • the Organisers of SCORUS Regional Groups (SRG) (see § 3 below regarding SRG formation).

(2) The SCORUS Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by IAOS for a period of two years at the biennial ISI conferences at the nomination and recommendation of the SCORUS General Assembly (see § 3 (3) below).

(3) The SCORUS Management holds regular meetings at ISI and IAOS conferences and at SCORUS special conferences. It reports to IAOS on SCORUS activities, budget matters and programmes. The President of IAOS may be invited to attend these meetings.

 § 3

The SCORUS Network

  1. The SCORUS Management organises the SCORUS Network (SN) which comprises SCORUS Regional Groups. SCORUS Network Members are researchers, planners and statisticians actively participating in SCORUS activities.

(2) It is the core objective of the SCORUS Network to strengthen the harmonisation of concepts, methodology and output of regional and urban analyses, research and statistics. In order to achieve this, the SCORUS Network

  • holds dialogues intensively with researchers and institutions working on concepts of standardisation (UN, Eurostat, statistical offices) and other institutions, such as OECD and Eurocities with key interests in regional and urban statistical indicators

  • promotes the development and documentation of standards and methodologies, making them also available on the SCORUS web site

  • develops proposals of harmonisation of methods, classifications and statistics and contributes actively to consultations on relevant issues from such institutions,

  • aims to raise the awareness of the professional community for these objectives and to influence producers of national and sub-national statistics to meet changing user needs.

  • develops communication strategies to learn about user needs and to communicate results.

(3) The SCORUS Network holds a General Assembly at the biennial SCORUS conference preceding the IAOS Executive Committee Meeting at the ISI biennial Conference. The General Assembly

  • discusses the report and the programme proposed by the SCORUS Management

  • discusses the reports and activities of the SCORUS Regional Groups with the aim to coordinate SCORUS activities

  • proposes candidates for the SCORUS Management.

(4) The SCORUS Network comprises the following SCORUS Regional Groups – SRG. Persons wishing to join the SCORUS Network should opt to join one of these groups,

  • (the SCORUS Regional Group for Africa )

  • the SCORUS Regional Group for North and South America

  • the SCORUS Regional Group for Asia

  • (the SCORUS Regional Group for Australia, New Zealand and Pacific)

  • the SCORUS Regional Group for Europe, Mediterranean and Middle East.

Depending on the number of members and their organisational power the groups may organise themselves as joint SRG.

(5) Each SCORUS Regional Group is chaired by an Organiser. The Organiser is appointed by the SCORUS Management based on the nomination by the General Assembly.

 § 4

Panel of Advisers

(1) The SCORUS Management may appoint a Panel of Advisers. The Advisers are members of the SCORUS Network with long-standing experience and contributions in the field. They are appointed for a term of two years and are eligible for re-appointment for subsequent terms.

(2) The Panel of Advisers give advice in their personal capacity. The SCORUS Management will keep all Advisers informed of their deliberations and invite opinions.

(3) The Panel of Advisers will also assist in SCORUS activities, especially in the formation and extension of the SCORUS Network.