22nd SCORUS Conference on regional and urban statistics and research (7-10 November, 2000 in Shenzhen, China)

Invited Papers’ Sessions – Topics & Organizers:

  1. How to Measure the Level of Urban Development/ Rosa Giaimo
  2. The Regional Distribution of Economic Growth  in Urban Systems/ Hubert Jayet
  3. Cities and Global Economy/ Marcel Van den Broecke
  4. The Supervisory System of Urban Environment and the Calculation for the Green GDP/ Li Chengrui and Zhong zhaoxiu  
  5. Urbanization in Countries with a High Proportion of Rural Populations. The Phenomena of ‘Floating Population/ Yang Changbin
  6. Urbanization and Segregation/ Markandey Rai 
  7. Foreign Population in Large Cities and Their Impacts on Urban Development/ Wendy Treadwell
  8. The Comparability of International City Statistics/ Per Gullstrm
  9. The Role of Municipal Statistics in the System of Official Statistics in China and Other Countries/ Klaus Trutzel  
  10. New Statistical Tools for the Collection,  Compilation and Dissemination of Urban and Regional Statistics/ Sally McClean

Contributed Papers’ Sessions – Topics & Organizers:

  1. Statistical Support for Economic Policy on the Local and Regional Level/ Frederick Ho
  2. The Use of Economic Data for Local and Regional Planning and Forecasting/ Ilkka Susiluoto
  3. Local Financial Markets and Globalization/ Pietro Busetta and Salvatore Sacco
  4. Population Strategies and Their Impact on Urban Development/ Michel Poulain
  5. Cultural Statistics/ Per Gullstrm
  6. Indicators of Social Welfare/ Jin Guifang and Li Huimin
  7. Low Cost GIS/ Derek Bond     
  8. Young People and Big Cities/ Enrico Giovannini
  9. Urban Violence/Crime Statistics/ Eckart Elsner