SCORUS Satellite conference “Standards for urban and regional indicators” (21-22 August, 2003 in Potsdam, Germany)

The Opening Session:
1.Urban indicators in the context of the UN Millennium Development Goals/ Nefise Bazoglu
2.European cohesion policy and urban statistics – balancing information needs and political responsibility/ Lewis Dijkstra
3.The case for internationally comparable urban and regional statistics/ Willem de Vries

Materials of Opening session:

Session 1 (Workshop 1) “Measuring social coherence of the resident population”:
1.Current trends in socio-economic developments in European agglomerations – case-studies in Vienna, Paris and Barcelona/ Michaela Paal
2.Data collection on integration problems – the example of the Essen “children’s report”/ Sabine Reichertz
3.Measuring social cohesion – How does the available information highlight key questions of social cohesion?/ Asta Manninen
4.The Neighbourhood Statistics Service – local information to support work on social exclusion/ Minda Phillips
5.European system of social indicators/ Heinz-Herbert Noll

Materials of Workshop 1:

Session 2 (Workshop 2) “Policy measures for social coherence and integration and measuring their effects”:
1.Territorial strategies for the integration of foreigners in Brussels/ Sarah Luyten
2.Monitoring social cohesion in Amsterdam/ Joanna van Antwerpen, Simone Crok
3.Utilisation of Urban Audit II indicators in describing the quality of urban life/ Asta Manninen, Riitta Koskinen, Tarja Pyöriä
4.“Knowledge Exchange” – The Dutch Urban Expert Centre

Materials of Workshop 2:

Session 3 (Workshop 3) “Territorial reference of urban and regional phenomena”:
1.Towards a common geographical base for statistics across Europe/ Marja Tammilehto-Luode
2.The standard regional reference and geo-coding system of German municipalities/ Andreas Gleich
3.Experiences on building a regional database at the statistical office of the Republic of Slovenia/ Katja Šnuderl
4.Territorial referencing, regionalisation and statistical description/ Mathieu Vliegen
5.Cadastre ConCensus – A proposed partnership between censuses and cadastres for the census 2010 round/ Karin Haldrup

Materials of Workshop 3:

Session 4 (Workshop 4) “Metadata for urban and regional statistics”:
1.Importance of metadata in the dissemination of statistics/ Marja Tammilehto-Luode, Riitta Koskinen
2.Metadata for transport related data preparation & presentation & dissemination/ Angelika Schulz
3.DUVA – the metadata – based information management system/ Andreas Martin

Materials of Workshop 4