VII. International Conference “Statistics and Planning the Help for the Younger Generation in Big Agglomerations. The Gender Dimension” (20-22 January, 2003 in Berlin, Germany)


  1. The Gender Dimension and the Benefit Situation in the Welfare System of Berlin/ Ulrike Hagemeister, Dr. Harald Michel
  2. Selected Aspects of the Polish Society. Conditions of Youth Employment in Poland – A University Level Education Issue/ Prof. Dr. Józef Dziechciarz, Dorota Kwiatkowska–Ciotucha
  3. Some Reflections about Stucture Variations of the Number of Students in Terms of Study System – Kind of School for Higher Education and Sex in Poland in the Years 1995 – 2000/ Prof. Dr. Aleksander Zelias
  4. The Gender Dimension in Africa and Asia. Characteristics of Women and Men in Hong Kong/ Vivian Chan
  5. Other European Aspects. Some Aspects of Starting Career in Vienna and Prague in the last 20 years/ Zuzana Pavlickova, Eva Vojtová
  6. Changes in the Householdtypes of Budapest/ Norbert Bakos
  7. Divergences in Life Styles of Men and Women in TimeUse Surveys – The Case of Hungary, France and Finland/ Virág Bognár
  8. Gender Problems in Post – Soviet Belarus/ Elena Tarayeva

Results of the Conference: