VIII. International Conference “Statistics and Planning the Help for the Younger Generation in Big Agglomerations. The Family Situation” (19-21 January, 2004 in Berlin, Germany)


  1. Changes of household and family structure in Budapest/ Virág Bognár
  2. Reasons for and Consequences of Divorces and seperations of Marriage in Poland in 1995 -2001/ Prof. Dr. Aleksander Zelias
  3. Factors determining stay of children in interventionist institution in the light of social and economic changes in Poland after 1989/ Dr. Christian Lis, Dr. Dariusz Pêchorzewski
  4. The Situation of Families and the Access to Education in Poland/ Alicja Grzeskowiak, Agnieszka Stanimir
  5. Social polarisation in Berlin? Family and child poverty in central city districts/ Dr. Harald Michel, Ulrike Hagemeister

Results of the Conference: